• Tipi Front Strip Hummingbird Tipis
    A great shot of the...
  • Beautiful sunset with the tipi and giant tulips
  • Wedding Tipi Hire
  • Canvas Gypsy roll top
  • Sunset and Tipi Crowns
    We're so lucky to have...
  • Ribbons and Tipi Crown
    Blue skies and ribbons in...
  • Moody skies and Tipis
    This is a genuine shot...
  • Painted Tipi
    A shot showing a design...
  • Hand Cleft Ash Pegs
  • Willow Lacing Pins

Nothing adventured, nothing gained…

Welcome to our friendly, family business. For ten years we’ve crafted some of the finest tipis available in the UK, for sale and for hire.

We hope you’ll find what you need, and that you find the tipis as wonderful as we do.

Promote peace, live happily
Hummingbird Tipis