LATITUDE Festival accommodation 2015

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The Original and still the cooler than cool, canvas festival accommodation…


Pink Moon Camping will give you a calm and sophisticated sanctuary to unwind.
Their Oasis will have 24/7 security, serviced and maintained toilets & showers.

We pleased to offer you a chance to stay in our beautiful tipis and yurts, on this selected site. We’ve limited numbers so if you’re up for it, be quick.

Spacious, welcoming and beautiful, it doesn’t get more iconic than the tipi, and they come pre-pitched, ready for you and your mates to move in and enjoy the festival experience.
What other tent is 18ft high?

Each Tipi will sleep 5 comfortably or six just a tad cozier!

Our tipis are hand-made by us in the UK, using the best quality canvas which is water proofed and fire retardant. We’ve been making and supplying tipis for ten years, same with our festival hires so you can rely on our quality and you’ll love our tipi camp.

We are on-hand if you have any problems or questions, and we’ll keep an eye on making sure you have the best stay you can.

Check it out, and check in…

* We fit rain catchers as standard as we know you can’t always rely on the British weather… Please be aware that during heavy rain it is possible that some drips may get into the tipi due to the fact it is a house with a hole in the roof! We fit rain catchers as the best means of stopping this, mostly they are effective, occasionally not, if this is the case please bear with us while we try to stop the problem and try to see it as part of the tipi experience. We’ll do all we can to see you have as dry and comfortable stay as possible. Please just ask if you require further information.

Tipi & Yurt Hire Prices 2015










What is Included?

fitting-tipi-internal-liner looking-out-tipi-door tipi-fire-bowl

Standard unfurnished tipi

  • Heavy duty PVC fitted groundsheet
  • Fitted coir matting or carpet flooring
  • Candle lanterns & candles
  • Where needed a drip catcher or rain hat fitted according to weather conditions.

*We can fit an internal liner for an extra £30.00

How to choose the right size tipi

Here is a guide based on our own experience of what you can “comfortably” expect to accommodate in your tipi.

  • 14ft – sleep 2 adults or young family. – seat 6 adults
  • 16ft – sleep 3 adults or a family of 4. – seat 9 adults
  • 18ft – sleep 6 adults or a family of 6-8. – seat 11 adults
  • 21ft – sleep 10 adults or two families. -seat 16 adults
  • 24ft – sleep 13+ adults or two large families. – seat 24+ adults
  • 12ft YURT will sleep two adults or a young family

If you have never spent time in a tipi you might find it difficult to imagine how big they can be, and just how many people you can fit into them. So just a reminder that apart from the number of people you wish to seat or accommodate, allow extra space for storage of baggage, bedding etc,  to allow for a bit more space in your size choice if you’ve a lot to fit in, unless you prefer it on the cosy side…