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We’ve had such a magical time with children and the tipis

playground-tipi-41To see all those faces light up is a real treat. In many ways the children seem to respond to tipis with such positive enthusiasm and excitement it makes me wonder what happened to so many adults! So we’re really pleased to have supplied to many schools.

If you are considering alternative ideas for bringing something to your school that is not just exciting but practical for a wide variety of uses maybe a tipi would suit your schools needs.
We’ve taken tipis into schools on a tip hire basis for a week during the summer term for special activities and lessons so you could think about trying one out.

On many occasions I have had the whole school out in the field watching us pitch the new school tipi, often with many questions and all with a lot of excitement. I love the cheer when the tipi goes up!

It’s true that all age groups love the tipi.

Some of the many uses the tipi has served at in schools:

 playground-tipi22-150x150 playground-tipi1-150x150 playground-tipi-3-150x150

This tipi was set into a beautiful wild garden for the young children to explore. Studies in wild life, flowers, insects and birds, what a wonderful thing for young children to have access to.


Practical things you might like to know:

  • Water proof, Fire Retardant, Rot Proof

  • The tipi is a very versatile structure
  • You’ll easily fit most class sizes in a 21FT tipi
  • Yearly maintenance is easy
  • We install free and give a lesson and maintenance advise

kids-tipi-day2-300x225 kids-tipi-day1-300x225

A few of our school clients:

  • Lyneham Primary School
  • Oakhurst Community Primary School
  • Park Junior School
  • Canon Pyon Primary School
  • Blakebrook School
  • Tattershall Primary School
  • TRI County Playgroup

children-stripping-tipi-pole-lesson-300x225These photo’s show Merle at Winstone Steiner school in Gloucester, They had a whole day with the class, which started off with an introduction to the tipi it’s history and uses by the native tribes. Then the children learnt how a tipi is made, then hands-on taking part in stripping a tipi pole and getting it ready to be used in the tipi.

As you can see the children were very keen to lend a hand and Merle had them helping with all aspects of getting the tipi prepared and pitched. With a lot of laughter and a little heaving the tipi was put up beautifully and everyone began finishing the job of lacing the tipi together, pegging out the canvas and  getting everything complete for the end of the day treat of a drumming lesson.

Merle had wonderful feedback from the children and the school, and she told me it was a really positive, cheerful and educational day, something that she felt a lot of school children would love to experience.

Contact us to chat about using tipis in your school

We are very happy to help you with our knowledge of the tipis and how they can work in schools

kids-tipi-day1-300x225 kids-carry-tipi-300x225