Treat yourself or your family to a wonderful experience.

From just £250.00 per week

Our Tipis hire is available throughout the seasons. They provide stunning outdoor, alternative accommodation and spaces for your Tipi holiday, event, celebration or wedding tipi. we’ve ten years experience in helping with successful co-ordination, planning and supply to events and people all over the UK.

Why Hire A Hummingbird Tipi?

I asked Merle this question, she said because of the quality of our beautiful work in the Tipis and the fantastic service of course. And because we care, and because it’s like having nice friends do the work for you. Fair enough, I agreed. so;





1-3 Nights Enquire/Hire Now!

16FT TIPI Most Popular!


1-3 Nights Enquire/Hire Now!



1-3 Nights Enquire/Hire Now!



1-3 Nights Enquire/Hire Now!

24FT TIPI Most Popular!


1-3 Nights Enquire/Hire Now!



1-3 Nights Enquire/Hire Now!

Our standard hire period is a 1 – 3 night hire, usually friday to sunday, but other day combinations are not  a problem.
Should you be interested in booking for a tipi spiritual retreat (up-to or +1 month) Please feel free to contact us about our long term hire rates.

1-2 Week Hire

Simply add anther £50.00 per 4 days on to the standard hire charge:

Example: 14FT TIPI for one week = £250.00 for two weeks = £300.00

Terms & Conditions Here

What is Included?

Standard unfurnished tipi

  • Heavy duty PVC fitted groundsheet
  • Fitted coir matting flooring
  • Fire bowl (according to site regulations)
  • Firewood x 3 good bags of ash
  • Candle lanterns & candles
  • Where needed a drip catcher or rain hat fitted according to weather conditions.

*We can fit an internal liner for an extra £30.00

Furnishing for your tipi

For a special occasion or just fancy a little extra comfort on your holidays?
We furnish your tipi with gorgeous rugs, beautiful floor cushions, lovely sheepskins per-person, hand-made willow floor chairs, candle lanterns, a table, small folding chairs and either quality sleeping matts or deep air beds per-person.

Extra charge of £25.00 per person

How to choose the right size tipi

Here is a guide based on our own experience of what you can “comfortably” expect to accommodate in your tipi.

  • 14ft – sleep 2 adults or young family. – seat 6 adults
  • 16ft – sleep 3 adults or a family of 4. – seat 9 adults
  • 18ft – sleep 6 adults or a family of 6-8. – seat 11 adults
  • 21ft – sleep 10 adults or two families. -seat 16 adults
  • 24ft – sleep 13+ adults or two large families. – seat 24+ adults

If you have never spent time in a tipi you might find it difficult to imagine how big they can be, and just how many people you can fit into them. So just a reminder that apart from the number of people you wish to seat or accommodate, allow extra space for storage of baggage, bedding etc,  to allow for a bit more space in your size choice if you’ve a lot to fit in, unless you prefer it on the cosy side…

What size space will I need?

If you take the diameter of any tipi and add an extra 4FT minimum for the smoke poles you will have the required space.

The tipi is the same height to the canvas apex as its diameter and then at least 5ft for the crown poles, this will give you the height.

Delivery and Set-up

Naturally the set up of the tipi or tipis will be taken care of completely so they are ready to use for your purpose. Usually we set up the day before the hire period starts and collect on a Monday morning for weekend hires.

Unfortunately, due to fuel costs, we do have to charge for delivery. Our Charges are: 50 pence per mile return

I need more information?

See our Questions & answers page where I have covered everything we’ve been asked and more, to help you get a better understanding of life with a tipi.

If you would like more detailed information on the different uses of our Tipis please see below:

Festival Tipi Hire

Tipi Holidays

Corporate Tipi Hire

Tipis can create a wonderful, invigorating experience for many people in bringing together and promoting harmony within groups. Experience has shown a highly positive response to spending time in a tipi space enhancing the promotion of your activities. In particular we have seen benefits in the fields of promoting communication, developmental awareness, relaxation and healing.

With our large fleet of tipis we can help with:

  • Communal space
  • Accommodation
  • Catering spaces
  • Program development
  • Entertainment

If you are thinking about what to do for your corporate event, please call us; we have lots of ideas and solutions for helping your company stage a successful and imaginative event.

  • Corporate events
  • Days away
  • Team building
  • Workshops
  • Meetings
  • Conferences

PR events
Hummingbird tipis make a memorable PR launch or activity

Film hire
We have supplied tipis for film making and TV, we are always happy to discuss your project

Photo shoots
Our collection of tipis can be used for professional photographic shoots.

Corporate packages can include:
Location for the event, including all facilities (showers, toilets, meeting rooms, stage. etc)
Outdoor accommodation in tipis and yurts
Full Catering for the event, breakfasts, lunches, dinners
Activity Programs
Outdoor activities, workshops (healing, music, rhythm, self development, youth training, specialized training and team building courses) Entertainment: performers, live music, DJ sound systems, themed events