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We do have second hand tipi available for sale.
Please contact us to see what we have in stock at this time.

Nothing Adventured, Nothing Gained…

You’re here because you are thinking a tipi would be a great thing to have in your life. And you may be right.

So how do you go about choosing one that fits the bill? Is it cost that is the biggest factor? or quality of make? Maybe you value the service and helpfulness of the folk you trade with? Of course ideally it should be a combination of all these considerations.

Personally I favour trading with all artisan makers of any item who have quality and spirit in their work. Enough of the conveyor belt production line (ikea culture), I mean, where is the love? Hand-worked, still rules the day with artistic crafts that shine. You want something that has life in it..

So we’re not going to blow a trumpet, market heavily, or be in your face about why you should buy from us. You’ll find the right tipi based on what you feel not what you think, or what someone tries to persuade you, and wherever you buy from you’ll end up with a tipi, so happy days for you…

Should you need help, call and have a chat, get a feel for who we are and what we know. Our prices reflect material costs, labour, knowledge, craftsmanship and love. We don’t mass produce, we craft.

In the UK you’ll find cheaper, more expensive and about the same price tipis, and I’d recommend the best way to determine who’s got the one for you, is to talk to various tipi makers, or go visit a tipi. In the long term, a conversation is a lot cheaper than a lodge that only lasts three to five years.

“Certain things attract the eye, but pursue only that which captures the heart”Old indian saying
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What is included?

Our tipis come complete with the following:

We use high quality 100% Cotton Duck Canvas, treated for Fire/Water/Rot.

  • 1 Tipi Cover (12 oz Cotton duck canvas, Fire, Water & Rot Treated)
  • 1 Tipi 5FT inner Liner (12/15 oz Cotton duck canvas, Fire, Water & Rot Treated)
  • 1 Tipi Door
  • 2 Door poles
  • Set of Tipi Poles in Douglas Fir (total according to tipi size)
  • Set of hand-made Willow lacing Pins
  • Set of Wooden Hand-Cleft (ash) Pegs
  • 20mm Natural Jute lashing Rope
  • 8mm Natural Jute liner Rope
  • Canvas Storage/carry Sack

We also include a little gift of the Tipi Living booklet byPatrick Whitefield

Buying a Hummingbird hand-made tipi

We love to sell our tipis, each one is made with care and we never forget a tipi we’ve sold or the people who now own it. Buying is easy, usually we ask for a 50% deposit then arrange a delivery date, and a balance payment on delivery.

9.9 times out of 10 we are on site delivering, pitching and showing you how to use your tipi, we can answer any questions you may have, and help you understand how to pitch it well. Due to the seasonal nature of our work, it is advisable to consider ordering earlier on in the year, even if delivery is not need until later in the spring or early summer time.

New tipis are made to orderplease allow on average, for 2-3 weeks for making and delivery. We often carry one or two tipis of different size in stock if you are in a mad hurry to purchase or just late ordering.

Canvas Weights:

We sew our tipis with a 12oz grade canvas as standard, but can sew with lighter or heavier grades if required for summer or winter lodges. Our canvas is treated with a waterproof, fireproof, and rot-proofing treatment.

Delivery and set-up lesson

When we deliver to you, we give a free and thorough lesson in how to pitch, use and maintain your tipi. We feel this is a very important part of our service and of you taking ownership of the new lodge. I’d recommend you ensure this is a part of your tipi purchase, whoever you choose to purchase from. You are welcome to collect the tipi and still have a lesson here.

Unfortunately, due to fuel costs, we do have to charge for delivery.

Our Charges are:

50p per mile

What else might I need?


Heavy Duty heat welded and made to size. These groundsheets are about as tough as it gets. They’ve lasted us for years with heavy use and are as good as new still. They are made without fire hole which can be cut in if required. A superior groundsheet, keep your tipi floor dry from rising ground moisture. Pressure wash and dry for storage and they will last for many many years.

2016 Prices

  • 14FT £90.00
  • 16FT £110.00
  • 18FT £150.00
  • 21FT £180.00
  • 24FT £210.00

Larger Available to order

Coir Matting flooring

I’ve yet to see a natural flooring that betters coir, our tipi flooring is made from heavy grade coir (coconut) matting usually light biscuit brown in colour, it is made in India cut in semi-circles and finished with a heavy canvas trim. They are really great floors, not a cheap option, but they are the best, super tough, easy to fit and store, and will last a very very long time. Again a superior product, excellent, attractive, and highly practical finishing to the tipi flooring space. Pressure washable.

2016 Prices

  • 14FT £170.00
  • 16FT £220.00
  • 18FT £300.00
  • 21FT £370.00
  • 24FT £420.00

Larger Available to order

Drip Catcher

Our own design, and works very well. There is a big discussion to be had around water and tipis, I’ve addressed it further here >>>>> Our drip Catchers are made of canvas and a very useful addition to owning a tipi in the UK…

2016 Prices

  • Small £90.00
  • Large £125.00

Customised Tipis

We are very happy to build a tipi to your own specification and make modifications.

Canvas Colours:

White is a standard colour for tipis, but we do have colours available and sew to your own choice of colour combinations. We’ll discuss colours as we prepare for sewing and let you know what colours are available at that time and how they can be used on your tipi.

Dreaming of a hand-painted tipi? Fantastic. We love painting tipis, check here for more details.

A perfectly pitched 21ft Tipi.

Two hours from arriving on a beautiful spring morning, the structure is ready for use.

We use these colours of olive green and orange trim as our own colour scheme. We find the olive green particularly good at keeping its colour and the orange stays bright for a long time too. UV light does have a bleaching affect on all outdoor items, including canvas.

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