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Is “GLAMPING” an oxymoron?

I’m going to try and explain why I think this is the case

There’s been a lot of growing interest over the last 6 years in the tipi and the yurt, both across the UK and Europe. In fact we’ve seen a veritable explosion of alternative structures and new creative places to spend time; holiday, party or just retreat away. So much so that the amount of choice is now staggering, with well over a hundred different “GLAMPING” locations across the UK.

Personally I think that in essence it is a really great thing, the being outdoors is the aspect that I feel has most value and I could write much about the benefits of communion with nature, but there are many smarter, funnier and wiser people than I who have done a sterling job doing just that. In fact if you take the time to read and research, you could not fail to conclude that being stuck inside a building is actually a wholly detrimental process to the human being on many many levels. However here in the UK we have a major stumbling block to everyone running for the great outdoors (as I have not doubt they would) if only the weather was better! But our lives of comfort and warmth, convenience and familiarity stop us in our tracks as soon as nature whisks up a cold, rainy or snowy spell.

With the boom in alternative places to stay and the choices of different types of accommodation we now have a new buzz-word that has entered the common vocabulary and absolutely no doubt a result of media spin, as usual. It was probably about 8 years ago now that Kate Moss was famously photographed coming out of a tipi at the spring garden show at Malvern, and the bold headlines CAMPING IS COOL! accompanying the photo. Well, it was actually one of our tipis that she was photographed in, and I think that it was a key moment, a moment when the press started to push the stay at home (UK), go camping mantra, off the back of their dear Kate. It took several years before it really took hold, and the pioneers of the early days supplying these alternative structures were indeed in a most unusual little niche. But boy did that change.

Nowadays most people will have heard of a tipi and yurt, been in one, stayed in one or have a friend who has. And nowadays most people will have heard the expression “GLAMPING”using it like some new hip and cool, in the know, turn of speech,

I did some research on the now, well over-used phrase “GLAMPING”

Over the period of one year, that word literally sky-rocketed into common vocabulary. From the preceding year where there were 0, that’s right ZERO google searches it suddenly was being searched for 80,000 times and today is still being searched for by increasing amounts.

What does this tell us? and what the flock is “GLAMPING?” If we deconstruct the word into glamour and camping and look at the two individual word meanings we find from the oxford dictionary:

Definition of glamour


[mass noun]

  • 1an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing:the glamour of Monte Carlo
  • beauty or charm that is sexually attractive:pile hair up for evening glamour
  • [as modifier] denoting or relating to sexually suggestive or mildly pornographic photography or publications:a glamour model
  • 2 archaic enchantment; magic:that maiden, made by glamour out of flowers


early 18th century (originally Scots in the sense ‘enchantment, magic’): alteration of grammar. Although grammar itself was not used in this sense, the Latin word grammatica (from which it derives) was often used in the Middle Ages to mean ‘scholarship, learning’, including the occult practices popularly associated with learning

Definition of camping


[mass noun]

  • the activity of spending a holiday living in a tent:camping attracts people of all ageswhen they were little, we went camping in California[as modifier]:a camping trip

And there you have it, the two words and their individual meanings. I for one hope that it is the origin of the word grammar coming from the enchanted connotation that was intended for its conjoined usage, as I certainly have never seen anyone get worked up about a tent… nylon maybe, but not a tent.

But anyway you cook it, the term is here to stay it would seem, and if you need proof of that then you only need turn to the oxford dictionary again to find the word “GLAMPING” listed!! I kid you not, and here is the Oxford definition of the word:

Definition of glamping


[mass noun] British informal

  • a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping:glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries


early 21st century: blend of glamorous and camping

ARRRGGGHHHHH….. unbelievable! “seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries”

I have a LARGE axe to grind.

Stay tuned because we are really missing a vital point here.

And I’ll ask the question. “What is a GLIPPY?”

I’ll finish this when I get time, in the meantime, breath, smile, do something nice for yourself, and another.