If you have ever seen a painted tipi, you’ll know that in both traditional and contemporary styles they can be stunning, unique, symbolic and literally a work of art.

We love painting tipis and have the creative artists available to do some wonderful work for you. This can be carried out when the tipi is newly made, or we can bring new life to your old tipi.

You can have the outer cover painted or the inner liner bringing colour and design to your interior. We can paint your tipi ozan for an overhead vista of stars while lie in bed.

Tipi Painting is another very special part of tipi life and there is a great deal of information available covering the subject of painted tipis, the history, significance and designs of Native Americans from various tribes.

I have compiled some great resources listed below if you are interested in learning more before your decide on having your own tipi painted and how best to approach it.

As a brief bullet list to traditional tribal tipi painting I’ll cover some of the very basics here:

  • The painting of the tipi was taken very seriously in all tribes, it had great significance and was powerful in its symbolism.
  • Tipi designs were often received through a dream that would come to the tribesman, often these were very detailed.
  • Approval on the design from the tribe was needed before the tipi was painted and a special ceremony was held before and after the painting
  • Many designs reflect the natural surroundings and/or animal/mythical spirits or were symbolic of owners achievements
  • Painted Tipis were also known as Medicine Tipis
  • Designs can belong to families and tribes and reproduction is forbidden


Of course your tipi is literally a blank canvas, and as such the only limitations on it are imagination and artistic ability. There are some really wonderful painted tipis around plenty enough to fire off your own imagination.

We are happy to look at any form or style of painting you might like.